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Amplify Purpose Planner

Amplify Purpose Planner (Pink & Gray)

Amplify Purpose Planner (Pink & Gray)

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The Amplify Purpose Planner is designed for women who desire to walk boldly in their purpose, prioritize their time with God, and create an authentic prayer life.

Inside you'll find:

  • 1 Year Bible Reading Plan
  • Scripture-focused planning pages
  • Monthly Prayers
  • Monthly Budget pages
  • Monthly Financial tracker pages
  • Monthly Prayer Journal

If you're looking for a planner to motivate, encourage, and point you to the Lord while staying organized, this Purpose Planner is just what you need. It features a devotional plan with scripture-focused verses, monthly goal-setting pages, and monthly prayers.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews

    I love this planner! It has everything I'm looking for! I want to get closer to God and this is such a good way to keep my vision align with God in the center of it all. It doesn't have numbers for the months which is great for me because I can just write down the day and year! I also purchased the cute little diamond pen Loved it but can't find it now :(
    Overall this planner is brilliant and I would definitely purchase again!


    This is not the amplify planner. There is an amplify planner and that was the one I thought I was getting. This one does not have what I need in it

    Ashley Donelson
    The Best Planner

    I’ve had many planners and notebooks, and God knows I need to keep all the important things in one place! This planner does just that, and I’m so grateful that he placed the vision for this planner inside of this woman of God. The best planner, hands down!

    Really Great Planner!

    I love this planner. Looks great. I'm looking forward to developing a closer relationship with God while planning and executing my goals.

    New Habits

    I am an extreme type A person who needs to write everything down in order to thrive, so planners are my thing. I can say that this one is crafted well!

    Monthly Prayers: as someone who sometimes struggles with how to pray, the monthly prayer gives me a framework to personalize and build upon.
    Budget: I love that it already includes the different categories
    Medium Font: easy to read
    Stylish : it is super cute and chic which believe it or not makes me more inclined to use it.

    Pro & Con:
    Undated: Lol this is a pro and con for me because I feel like with dates it helps me to stay a little bit more organized. Although, I still feel like I will be able to use it longer and get my money's worth even if I miss a few days writing in it.

    I also love that there is an IG account to engage with!! Provides some accountability with praying while prioritizing.

    Amplify Purpose Planner Review